Team Leader
Project Resume
Passive House

New Project Starting Fall of 2016 Completion April of 2018
Senior Residences in Queens

5W 125th Street

Bed Bath and Beyond
Senior Project Manager

Project Value 40,000,000

5W 125th Street

Completed Fall 2016

Bed Bath and Beyond

61 Residences

241 Atlantic Avenue

Formally 66 Boerum Place

This project was rescued from poor workmanship and the worse possible Management for procurement. Complete 11 stories by December 2016

PROJECT                                       POSITION                                                PROJECT VALUE

Tommie Hotel                                 Senior Project Manager                        $ 75,000,000.00

                                                         Site Safety Manager

PROJECT                                       NAME POSITION                                    PROJECT VALUE 
SCA Boiler Replacement            Executive Project Manager                 $       5,000,000.00

OSI Pharmaceutical Senior Project Manager / Project Control Specialist  $  180,000,000.00


§ Mount Sinai Hospital                     Senior Vice President                               $     27,000,000.00
One Gustave L. Levy Place    
1.      13th floor School renovation    
2.      24th floor renovation    
3.      15th floor renovation    
4.      Rehab Medicine - clinical research    
5.      19th floor Lab renovation    
6.      25th Floor 

§ ICAHN Buiding Senior Vice President  
  o   Icahn Building – Dr. Rose   
  o   Icahn Building – Transplant  
  o   IMI 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors  

Lighthouse Charter School, Bronx, NY           Senior Project Manager               $     35,000,000.00 New Construction 

Commerce Bank Chinatown, NY         Executive Account Manager                    $     10,000,000.00 New Construction 

Merrill Lynch Financial Center           Executive Project Manager                       $      9,000,000.00 

Whole Foods New York, NY              Executive Project Manager                      $   70,000,000.00

Commerce Bank Hillcrest, NY.          Executive Account  Manager                    $   5,000,000.00      New Construction

Padua Friary New York, NY.              Executive Project Manager                      $      2,500,000.00

Jesuit Mission                                      Executive Account  Manager               $     10,000,000.00  
USPS Rockefeller Center                   Executive Account  Manager                  $       4,000,000.00
USPS 86th Street Upgrade                Executive Account  Manager                  $       5,500,000.00
                                i.        Gas Control Center  $       7,000,000.00
                                Executive Account  Manager  
                                 ii.      Reception  $       6,000,000.00 
                                Executive Account  Manager   
                                 iii.     Data Center  $     12,000,000.00
                                Executive Account  Manager   
                                 iV.     River Side  $     23,000,000.00 
                                New Construction  Supervisor  
§  Saint Francis Hospital Medical Center    
Endoscopy                                                                                   Supervisor  $       4,000,000.00
Day OP                                                                                        Supervisor  $       8,000,000.00
Demattis Center Supervisor                                                            Supervisor  $       3,000,000.00
Long Island Jewish Medical Center                                                 Supervisor  $       7,000,000.00
§     Bank Of New York- Supervisor    
§     Dimes Savings Bank- Supervisor     
§     Pfizer - Supervisor    
§     Chemical Bank - Supervisor      
§     Stonybrook University - Supervisor    
§     Fordham University – Supervisor    

5W 125th Street TJ MAX, Bed Bed and Beyond and WeWork                            40,000,000column 2
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