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I offer preliminary construction services to assist our clients in developing their future projects.  Bernie's focus is to:


1.                    Provide conceptual estimating, preliminary budgeting and value engineering

2.                    Facilitate communication Between the architect, engineer and owner

3.                    Constructability and functional review

4.                    Assist in preparation of final construction documents


General Contractor:

As the General Contractor, BERNARD COLLETTI is committed to the project throughout the construction phase and close-out.  I provide responsive leadership and a team work to clients, architects, engineers and subcontractors to deliver successful projects. 

 My responsibilities include:


1.                    Quality control and quality assurance

2.                    Milestone and completion schedule management

3.                    Sub-contractor competitive bidding

4.                    Project administration

5.                    Progress meetings

6.                    Project team coordination

7.                    Shop drawings and material submittal review

8.                    Safety and clean worksite management



Construction Management:

As construction manager BERNARD COLLETTI is the experienced liaison between the owner and the contractor who will execute the work.   It is his goal to ensure and facilitate all facets of the Budgeting, planning, construction and close-out.  His responsibilities include:


1.                    Advising on planning and construction issues

2.                    Assistance in construction document preparation

3.                    Prepare bid documents

4.                    Facilitate bid process amongst reputable contractors

5.                    Prepare final proposal and recommend a qualified contractor

6.                    Prepare/monitor schedules and milestones

7.                    Coordinate progress meetings

8.                    Project administration

9.                    Review and approve requisitions

10.                 Prepare monthly project owner reports

11.                 Execute close out and documentation



BERNARD COLLETTI provides additional specialized expertise that add value to his services and facilitate the execution of projects.  

28 years of experience in the following areas:

Footings & Foundations, Underpinning, Piles, Structural Steel, Ornamental Steel, Curtain Wall Systems, Concrete Block, Scaffolding and Adjacent Property Protection.

Electrical Systems:

BERNARD COLLETTI specializes in implementation and upgrades of new and existing electrical systems for commercial properties.  His experience includes healthcare institutions and commercial office buildings.

Fire Alarm:

BERNARD COLLETTI is up-to-speed with all the current city and state rules and regulations; past clients have required implementation and/or upgrades to their facilities’ fire alarm systems.   

Environmental & Mold Remediation:

BERNARD COLLETTI is implementing mold remediation services for commercial and residential properties.